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Trail Running in Canmore and the Canadian Rockies


Canmore, the Bow Valley and the Rockies offer some of the best terrain in the world for trail running. From alpine ultra-distance runs to blooming flowers or technical ridges, there is something for beginners and experts alike.

Here are a few of our favourite running trails around Canmore and in the Bow Valley.

Around Canmore


Banff to Castle Junction

Lake Louise to Field

  • Lake Louise Teahouse Circuit
  • Sentinel Pass and Eiffel Lakes
  • Paradise Valley to Moraine Highline (Mt Temple Circumnavigation) (26 km)
  • Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit
  • Emerald Lake Triangle (21 km)
  • Iceline Trail (15 to 21 km)

Icefields Parkway

  • Molar Pass
  • Cirque Peak
  • Bow Hut and The Onion
  • Wilcox Pass

Highway 93 S

Bragg Creek Area

Classic Long Runs in the Rockies

    You can download the GPX files and open them in a GPS app like Gaia GPS or directly on your running watch. 
    • Plan that it will take you longer than the same distance on roads or somewhere where the trails are flatter
    • Bear Spray: people do  encounter bears on trails from time to time. Carrying bear spray and knowing how to use it is a habit you should have if you are going to run in the mountains. Being loud, avoiding using headphones and running in groups is also a great way of reduce wildlife encounters. More details here

    • Water/hydration: From bladders and soft flasks to pocket filters (like a Katadyn BeFree), you will want to bring water on runs longer than 60 to 75 minutes. Light running vests like Nathan or Ultimate Direction allow you to carry you phone, water, some food and extra clothes. Keep in mind that you will need more water if you run in the sun on a very hot Summer day. 
    • Phone or Emergency Satellite Device: Most areas around Canmore get cell reception and telling someone where you’re running and some sort of ETA for return times can make sure someone is looking for you if something goes wrong. In the backcountry, carrying an emergency satellite messenger like an InReach is recommended. 
    • Respecting the trails: the trails run through sensitive ecological areas. Please stay on the marked trails and respect trail closures.

    See you on the trails!