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Bow Hut and the Onion

  • Distance:17.4 km
  • Elevation gain: 882 m
  • Where to Park: Bow Lake (The Lodge at Bow Lake)
  • Surface: Dirt, Scree, Boulders,Snow, Talus
  • Terrain Classes: Largely Class 1-2 with one Class 3 move


A scenic run through and through, experience seeing all the different types of terrain the Canadian Rockies has to offer on one run. This run is around 18 km round trip with around 882 m of gain and offers plenty of beautiful detours along the way including Bow Lake, Bow Glacier Falls, Bow Hut and The Bow Glacier. The trail is relatively straightforward with some intermittent interruptions along the way, the trail is runnable most of the way up to the Onion. 

Park as you would for The Lodge at Bow Lake and continue towards the lodge until you pick up a trail that handrails the lookers right side of Bow Lake continue along this trail until you reach the tree covered moraine at the back of Bow Lake the trail will take you up the treed moraine until you reach a boulder (there might be a step stool) which may require the use of your hands. Once past this obstacle continue following the trail through the alpine until it brings you to Bow Glacier Falls. From the falls gain the left hand edge of the “mousetrap” which is the obvious canyon feature lookers left of the falls. After passing around the mousetrap follow the benches into the bowl under Crowfoot Mountain you will be able to see Bow Hut on the benches on the lookers right hand side of the bowl. Continue around the bowl until you gain the bench up to the hut, follow the bench until you reach Bow Hut. From the Hut make your way towards the toe of the Bow Glacier, The Onion should be to your right. Descend the same way you came.