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Special Pricing on Ski Packages - Contact Us for a Quote
Special Pricing on Ski Packages - Contact Us


Industry Professional Application

In partnership with our suppliers, SkiUphill offers a program to industry professionals.

This includes:

  • ACMG Mountain Guides and Ski Guides

  • Avalanche Forecasters and Parks Canada Mountain Safety Specialists

At this time, we ask that you reach out to your employer or to platforms like Expervoice for requests outside of the scope mentioned above. 

Note that fulfillment and pricing depends on availability of the items requested. For example, we might deny a request if our retail store has low inventory and there is no possibility to order replacement from our supplier's warehouse.

Please plan ahead, and keep in mind that the earlier in the season you place your order, the better the pricing and availability will be.

Approval or refusal of requests is under the discretion of SkiUphill inc. and its suppliers.

Applicant who do not possess the required credentials will be refused automatically. No, you do not need skis for work of you are a hiking guide or a climbing gym instructor.