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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE
Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Boot Fitting


Our team is well-trained and versed in the nuances and mechanics of boot fitting. We can help you achieve better comfort and optimal performance whatever your type of skiing is. Our boot fitting services include:

  • Boot Assessment and Recommendation (New or Used Boots)
  • Custom Footbeds (Sidas), insole modification and posting
  • Shell modification (grinding, punching, pressure points, etc. )
  • Liner heat-molding and modification
  • Intuition Liners
  • Stance alignment and canting
  • Drop-in footbeds 

Currently, our bootfitters are:  

- Joel Desgreniers (M.PT) : Physiotherapist, Certified Bootfitter

- James Macneil-Mah : Technical Expert, Certified Bootfitter

- Becca Newton : Technical Expert, Certified Bootfitter

Florentin Guinnefollau: Technical Expert, Certifier Bootfitter

- Huyn Ho Cho: Technical Expert, Certified Bootfitter

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