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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

The Rockwall - North Variation

A nice way to run part of the Rockwall without having to drop a car. Nice running in the forest up to Helmut Falls before the climb up to Wolverine Pass. Meadows will greet you at Wolverine Pass before you descend down to Tumbling Creek. You then follow Tumbling creek back to Ochre Creek.

Lots of local trail runners and hikers will say the Rockwall is the ultimate Rockies trail experience. If you are on the hunt for a long day on one of the most breathtaking trail systems in North America, the Rockwall is for you. This variation is 36 kilometre long and 1450 meters of elevation gain. It'll test your trail running skills in a way not many long runs do. The Rockwall covers a huge amount of alpine landscapes. This leads to spectacular views for hours and hours! 

  • Distance: 36km Loop
  • Elevation: 1460m
  • Where To Park: Paint Pots
  • Surface: Variable generally good trail.
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Download the GPX file here