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Canmore Quad 2020

The second annual Canmore Quad Invitational happened on July 4th 2020. The event saw 30 participants attempt the 52 km/4800 m elevation gain loop to set a new record on what is quickly becoming a classic. In the end, local runner Leif Godberson walked away with a new Fastest Known Time of 7:48:26. In the women's category, Michelle Katchur-Roberts came awfully close to setting a new record. Her time of 10:25:40 was a mere 7 minutes slower than the current FKT set by Jana Jurackova in 10:18:41.
What goes up must come down, then up, then down, then up, then down, then up, then down.
On July 4th 2020 RunUphill hosted an unofficial and invitational Canmore Quad event. Here are some details on the event format:
  • We are trying to keep the size of the field small, consider this event to be an invitational 😉
  • Running across town between the North side peaks and the South side peaks is mandatory. No biking and no driving (obviously )in between peaks.
  • COVID-19 is not over and we will ask that everyone socially distances themselves throughout the event. If you pass hikers on the trail, please make sure you give em sufficient space.
  • You can do the peaks in whatever order you want, as long as you summit all of them. 
    • The true summit of Lady MacDonald is accessed through an exposed ridge requiring some hands-on scrambling. To complete the Quad, you have to tag the true summit. However, there is no shame if it is too exposed for your liking. Please use caution and respect your limits!
  • 3 aid stations will be setup on the course where you will have access to food and hydration. The first one will be at the base of Lady MacDonald, the second one will be at the EEOR trailhead, and the third one will be at the store on Bow Valley Trail.
  • Start time window: Between 4 AM and 8 AM (we recommend to start between 5 AM and 7 AM)
  • Start and Finish will be at the store on Bow Valley Trail. It's a pretty central location and it's pretty much on the shortest course through town.
  • GPX File for the Canmore Quad

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