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Canmore Quad Day - July 20th
Canmore Quad Day - July 20th



  • Minotaur SkyRace - Race Tips

    Minotaur SkyRace - Race Tips

    With just days to go until the Minotaur SkyRace, we turned to Jessie for the ultimate lowdown on the course and race strategies. This beast of a race promises gnarly climbs, wild descents, and jaw-dropping views that’ll have your legs and lungs begging for mercy. Your gear’s all set—now let’s get the inside scoop on how to tackle this epic adventure and make every wild mile count!
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  • Minotaur Skyrace: Gear Tips

    Minotaur Skyrace: Gear Tips

    The Minotaur Skyrace has quickly become a favourite stop on the Canadian trail running scene, and for a reason. Known for having a relentlessly technical course, the only Canadian stop of the SkyRunning World Series seriously tests competitors both mentally and physically. With less than two weeks until race day, we asked in-house Minotaur connoisseur Jessie McAuley for his tips.
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  • Follow the Forecast - Five Tools for Skiers and Runners

    Follow the Forecast - Five Tools for Skiers and Runners

    Every skier and trail runner follows the weather to some extent. What's already a nationwide topic of discussion becomes a whole different story to us outdoors enthusiasts.

    No matter where you find yourself in the scale of "we'll see when we get there" to "I follow every model religiously", there are some incredible resources out there to make your life easier and help you plan your next adventures. Here are our five picks.

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  • Beta for a Skimo Teams Race

    Beta for a Skimo Teams Race

    It's teams race season! Whether you're skiing Steep Dreams, the Power of Four, or the Patroullie de Glaciers, it pays to be ready for these big events. Small mistakes can cost big time and being unprepared can mean you're out of the event before it's even gotten underway.
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  • Gratitude vs Grind-itude

    Gratitude vs Grind-itude

    Autumn is a time of transition. Many of us have put in big training volume blocks in order to achieve peak fitness for racing. October is frequently a time of rest and recovery. A time to work on mobility and strength. Yet there’s a plethora of articles and social media posts about autumn being the “best time to run.”
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  • Long Runs in the Rockies: Our Five Favourite Trails

    Long Runs in the Rockies: Our Five Favourite Trails

    The Canadian Rockies offer some of the best trail running you could ever think of. With a great variety of distances, views for days and flowy singletracks, there is something for every trail runner out there. Looking for a longer adventure? Here are five classics that you have to add to your bucket list!
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  • ACL Injuries: What Skiers Need to Know

    ACL Injuries: What Skiers Need to Know

    By Lynne Richardson, Physiotherapist and owner of Rocky Mountain Rehab & Sports Medicine Clinic in Canmore.

    As a Physiotherapist in a mountain community, I can tell it's ski season by the number of sore, swollen knees that limp through our clinic door. It's often a very classic story: "I had a slow twisting fall, my bindings did not release, I felt a pop, and my knee swelled immediately". Knee ligament injuries are very common in skiers, and an ACL tear is often the diagnosis.

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  • 10 Ways to Prevent (Most) Injuries!

    10 Ways to Prevent (Most) Injuries!

    Spring is here, and along with it comes running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and other warm temperature activities. Here are 10 tips to help you be successful in those activities while staying injury-free.
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