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  • 2022-2023 Season Preview

    2022-2023 Season Preview

    Backcountry skiing’s been booming for a while now, but it’s exploded in popularity these past few years. Thanks (?) to COVID and a renewed enthusiasm for the paths less travelled, more skiers than ever are earning their turns, connecting in a deeper way with the mountains and the wilderness. Is this going to be the year we’ll start talking about overcrowding? It’s certainly been becoming more and more of an issue although compared with popular destinations we are still faring pretty good. 
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  • The Tools of the Trade: Which Shoes for What Running

    The Tools of the Trade: Which Shoes for What Running

    The truth is, there is no one-shoe-quiver that works for all feet and all runners. Different shoes serve different purposes and understanding these different tools and what they are meant for can help you make well-informed decisions for your feet. At the end of the day not all shoes serve a single purpose, but here's how we generally organize them in categories. 

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  • Ropes For Ski-Mountaineering : Which One to Get?

    Ropes For Ski-Mountaineering : Which One to Get?

    Modern ski mountaineering ropes are 6mm and pack down to the size of your folded skins. They're not just lighter, but also more cut resistant and more water resistant that traditional nylon ropes. There's several specialized models available from various manufacturers but they each have pros and cons. I've reviewed each of the options available in North America to help you sort out the differences.
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  • Climbing Skins - The Rundown

    Climbing Skins - The Rundown

    Climbing skins are an often neglected aspect of backcountry skiing equipment. Yet we spend the vast majority of our time going uphill on the skintrack. Made of nylon, mohair or often a mix of both, they are meant to offer the best balance of glide and grip on the uptrack. Curious to learn more about skis and how to optimize your equipment to ski uphill? Here’s the rundown on climbing skins. 
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  • Winter Running Shoes: Our Favourites

    Winter Running Shoes: Our Favourites

    The Bow Valley is a little tricky when it comes to Winter trail conditions. Typically, the shallow snowpack melts and freezes or packs down to ice very quickly and turns many descents in some terrifying slip n' slides. Proper gear, and especially a well adapted pair of running shoes, is essential to avoid those death-defying moments and keep the fun... well, fun. Here are some of our favourite Winter running tools to stay upright in any kind of terrain.

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  • How To: Self-Assessing the Fit of a Backcountry Ski Boot

    How To: Self-Assessing the Fit of a Backcountry Ski Boot

    Finding the right ski boot is simple for some people, but complicated for most. Everyone’s foot is different and while everybody can usually find an OK fit, few people get that magic 10/10 fit right out of the box. Don’t worry though, almost all backcountry skiing boots are easily customizable to perfectly match the shape of your foot. With the right advice, you can turn that 8/10 fit into a perfect combination that will feel great even after hours and hours of uphill and downhill skiing. 
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