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Local Backcountry Ski Guides

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The Value of Certification

ACMG certification is your assurance that any member you hire has been trained and assessed to the accepted standard of an internationally recognized, professional body

ACMG guides and instructors are trained to provide experience based decision making in the field and to balance two important facets of your trip – the feeling of adventure and your safety from objective hazards. Guiding is an elegant blend of art and science – a delicate synergy of experience and intuition. One must assess factors such as weather, snowpack quality, avalanche hazard, rock fall potential, crevasse and serac danger, route or terrain selection, daylight and distance, and continuously weigh them against your capability and objectives.



MTN Guiding
An awesome small local company that focuses on ski guiding. Kevin Hjertaas and Martin Lefebvre are both impressive skiers, great teachers and overall great human beings. They also offer an online-based AST-1 this Fall. Check em out!


Located in Canmore, Alberta at the gates of Banff National Park, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is one of Canada’s premier providers of mountaineering, rock & ice climbing, backcountry skiing, hiking and trekking experiences in the Canadian Rockies. For over 40 years, we have hosted thousands of clients from Canada and all over the world. Our brand is known for quality mountain experiences, safety and well-organized itineraries. We have some of the best mountain guides and hiking guides in the industry. All Yamnuska Mountain Adventures climbing guides are certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Check em out!