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Montane Traverse

Montane traverse gives you that feeling of being out in the backcountry, but it is literally 2 seconds away from the Silvertip golf course. The best way to run that loop is to start along Cougar creek and climb up to the top of the golf course. This way, you are done with all the climbing after 15 to 20 minutes of running, and it's literally all downhill from there :)
  • Distance: 7 to 10 km
  • Difficulty:  Intermediate
  • Where to park: Cougar Creek Parking Lot
  • Surface: non-technical to semi-technical. Some roots but overall well-traveled. The descent of Johnny's Traiil (in blue) is more technical and rocky than the rest of Montane Traverse. 
  • Please note that the Douglas fir Bench trail is closed from December 1st to June 15th for wildlife protection. As another option, you can climb back up to the golf course or run back on the Palisser trail bike path. 
  • Want to make it more challenging? Run the loop clockwise to climb all of Johnny's trail and then up to the Montane Traverse highpoint. 
Download KML File Here