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Rockies Fastest Known Times

We used Strava, local resources and to research the fastest trail/ mountain running and Backcountry Skiing times in the Canadian Rockies. There are a lot of crazy fast times and there are still lots missing. If you have a time to submit fill out our FKT submission form and we'll add you to the list! Do you have a route idea that we don't have listed? Let us know! 

Some objectives that deserve a hard effort that we do not have times for include:

Running: Fairholme Range traverse (Lady Mac - Princess Margret), Sunshine-Assinaboine-Shark traverse, Protection Mountain to Castle Mountain traverse, Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit, Skoki Loop, Sawback trail, Cobalt Lake Loop.

Alpine/Technical Objectives: Rundlehorn (round trip) Mt. Edith Triple Peak, Storm Mt. NW ridge (Round trip), Mt. Ball S ridge (Round trip) Victoria S Ridge, Mt. Niblock and Whyte linkup, Pigeon Spire, Rogers - Swiss - Hermit traverse, Cheops W ridge, Other 11,000ers.

Ski Objectives: French Haig Robertson Traverse, Mt. Joffre Round trip, Surprise Pass.


Kananaskis - Highway 40

Northover Ridge Loop

M Mike Haponiuk 3:30:04
F Arden Young 4:40:58

Wasootch Ridge Ascent

M Mike Haponiuk 1:06:49
F Kara Sampsell 1:37:21
Wasootch Peak Roundtrip
M Mike Giuffre 1:20:55
F Sandra C 1:41:06
Big Traverse
M  Adam Mertens 4:49:09
F Sandra C 7:14:24

Mt Baldy North Summit Ascent

M Travis Schiller-Brown 36:36
F Joanna Ford 44:37

Mt Baldy West Ridge (Ditch to Ditch)

Technical scrambling up to 4th class 

M Michael Burke 51:29
F Erica Roles 1:20:52

Mount Lorette South Ridge (Car-To-Car)

Sustained technical scrambling with difficulties up to 5.6. Loose rock hazard

M Adam Mertens 2:13:23


Kananaskis - Smith Dorrien

Lawrence Grassi Ascent 
M Joren Titus 40:33
F Emma Cook-Clarke 48:12
Big Sister (Roundtrip)
M Taylor Sullivan 1:55:41
F Ella Nuttlelman 2:55:33
Tent Ridge
M Joren Titus 1:04:03
F Ailsa MacDonald 1:34:19

Mt Smuts Roundtrip

Sustained technical scrambling with difficulties up to 5.5. Loose rock hazard

M Joren Titus 2:47:55
F Rachel Hall 7:21:22

Exshaw Area

Yamnuska Loop
M Joren Titus 1:02:46
F Ailsa MacDonald 1:20:15

Goat Mountain traverse

Technical scrambling with difficulties up to 5.3, Loose rock hazard

M Michael Burke 2:19:06
F Erica Roles 3:34:42
DoorJamb Mountain Ascent
M Mitchell Valic 26:11
F Emma Cook-Clarke 28:59

AnkleBiter to Gap Loop

Technical scrambling with difficulties up to 5.3, Loose rock hazard

M Joren Titus 1:35:33
F Erica Roles 2:42:32
Heart Mountain Loop (car to car)
M Alex Petrosky 1:32:12
F Ailsa MacDonald 1:42:24
Coire Dubh Integrale
M Leif Gobderson 2:12:11

Canmore Area

Canmore Quad

M Leif Godberson 7:48:29
F Jana Jurackova 10:18:41
Double Canmore Quad
M Tyler Williams 24:33:39

Rundle Traverse

Technical Scrambling with Challenging route finding and Loose rock hazard.

M Adam Mertens 5:35:04
F Maia Schumacher 9:23:57
'Round Rundle (Rundle Mountain Circumnavigation)
M Jack Carlyle 2:56:23
F Melissa Pauwee 3:43:59
Ha Ling Ascent
M Karl Augsten 30:54
F Emily Yungblut 36:38

Ha Ling NE Face (Roundtrip)

Technical Climbing with difficulties up to 5.7
Loose rock hazard.

M Michael Burke 1:16:38
EEOR Roundtrip
M Leif Godberson 57:09
F Ailsa MacDonald 1:07:27
Mt. Lady MacDonald Ascent to Teahouse platform
M Karl Augsten 33:47
F Emma Cook-Clarke 42:05

Mt. Lady MacDonald ESE Ridge roundtrip + Summit 

Technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.4, Loose rock hazard.

M Leif Godberson 1:50:56

Banff Townsite Area

Banff Triple Crown

A link up of the 3 most significant peaks reachable from town (Cascade, West End of Rundle and Sulfur). Running continuously between trailheads

M Ryan O'Mara 9:31:48
F Ailsa MacDonald 9:24:50
West End of Rundle Roundtrip
M Taylor Sullivan 2:07:34
F Emma Cook-Clarke 2:14:56
Cascade Mountain Roundtrip
M Mike Haponiuk 2:21:54
F Ailsa MacDonald 2:56:27
Sulfur Mountain Ascent to gondola platform
M Christian Allen 29:17
F Paula Findlay 32:55
Tunnel Mountain Roundtrip
M Tyler Williams 20:52
F Katie Barton 26:26
Cory Pass Loop
M Mike Haponiuk 1:28:51
F Ailsa MacDonald 1:47:37

Mt. Louis (Roundtrip)

Very involved mountain route including sustained scrambling and climbing up to 5.8. Loose rock hazard.

M Michael Burke 3:13:58

Banff - Kootenay - Yoho

Eisenhower Tower (Roundtrip)

Sustained technical Scrambling with short sections of up to 5.7 climbing. Loose rock hazard.

M Michael Burke 3:26:49
Bourgeau (Roundtrip)
M Mike Haponiuk 2:26:24
F Ailsa MacDonald 2:41:24
Rockwall Trail
M Mike Haponiuk 5:00:11
F Ailsa MacDonald 6:48:01

Mt Bell NE Ridge round trip

An involved route with technical difficulties up to 5.5 various alpine hazards

M Adam Mertens 3:17:17

Valley of 10 Peaks traverse

(Did not traverse all the 10 peaks. Neptuak, Deltaform, Tuzo, Allen, Perren, Tonsa and Bowlen.)

Very Involved Mountain traverse with various alpine hazards

M Leif Godberson 19:23:17
Iceline Trail
M Brandon Miller 1:39:35
F Jennie L 2:23:35
Emerald Triangle
M Mike Haponiuk 1:47:11
F Ailsa McDonald 2:33:53


Brazeau Loop
M Sam Dickie 9:24:40
F Michelle Katchur-Roberts 12:43:57
Skyline Trail
M Mike Haponiuk 3:41:26
F Ailsa MacDonald 4:23:21
North Boundary Trail
M Buddy Morris 5d 06:33:xx

Great Divide Trail 

M Andrew Cotterell 20d 6:55:xx


Mt. Assiniboine (North Ridge)
M Michael Burke 6:31:07
Mt. Sir Douglas
M Taylor Sullivan, Nobu 8:30:xx
Mt. Temple SW face Roundtrip
M Leif Godberson, Joren Titus 2:14:17
F Emma Cook-Clarke 2:41:35

Mount Temple East Ridge Ascent

Very involved mountain route with various alpine hazards

M Michael Burke 2:59:08
F Gabs Clarke 8:15:00

North Victoria N Ridge (Roundtrip) 

An Involved route requiring complex glacier travel and technical rock scrambling and climbing

M Taylor Sullivan 4:22:xx
Mt. Lefroy
M Taylor Sullivan, Tim Banfield 9:30
Mt. Hungabee
M Benjamin Firth 6:34:18
Mt. Willingdon
M Adam Mertens 6:36:01
Mt. Cline
M Taylor Sullivan 5:12:27
Mount Athabasca (AA Col Route, Car to Car)
M Sam Dickie 3:36:00
Mt. Diadem
M Benjamin Firth 7:25:00

Edith Cavell East Ridge Ascent 

Sustained technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.3. Loose rock hazard.

M Michael Burke 1:55:10
F Ella Nuttelman 3:31:23

Mount Robson Roundtrip

Very serious complex mountain terrain. Various alpine hazards exist.

M Sean O'Rourke 14:07:00
F Erica Claudine Roles 42:xx:xx

Rogers Pass Alpine

Uto - Avalanche Traverse

Sustained technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.1

M Michael Burke 5:56:52

Sir Donald (Roundtrip)

Sustained technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.4

M Michael Burke 3:51:16
Mt. Tupper (Roundtrip)
M Ross Berg 3:55:43
F Kylee Toth 6:16:35

Rogers Pass Horseshoe

Sustained technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.4. Complex glacier travel involved. 

M Taylor Sullivan 20:56:23

Asulkan Traverse (car to car)

Technical scrambling and climbing up to 5.4

M Matt Ruta 5:55:17


Bugaboo spire, Kain route
M Michael Burke 3:52:48

Ski Objectives

Wapta Traverse
M Michael Burke, Leif Godberson 5:41:18
F Kylee Toth/Emma Cook-Clarke?
Bow - Yoho
M Tyson Smith 6:55:25
F Kylee Toth 6:55:25
Mt. Columbia
M Adam Campbell, Jeff Perron 7:48:xx
F Kylee Toth 7:48:xx

Golden to Rogers Pass

M Aaron Chance, Jared Gross, Troy Jungen, Douglas Sproul 16:28:xx

Rogers Pass to Bugaboos

(Illecilewaet parking to Kain Hut)

M Taylor Sullivan 44:37:xx
F Kylee Toth, Emma Cook-Clarke 44:37:xx