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About Us

Skiuphill wants to give backcountry skiers the ability to escape the crowds of the ski resorts to enjoy the mountains in their wildest state. More and more people realize that paying $100 for skied-out terrain inbounds is not worth it, hence the fast growth of ski touring over the last couple years. The best turns are the ones you earn.

We were born from the need for light and fast backcountry skiing gear to explore the mountains. We found that the only way to find the latest high-performance ski touring products in Canada was to order from Europe or sometimes from the United States and to pay duty fees and exchange rates. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and most well thought out products for your endeavours. From resort uphilling to that outrageous never before skied line, we offer everything you need to make your days spent up there even better.

Light and reliable skiing equipment lets you enjoy the mountains more safely and efficiently. A couple hundred grams less underfoot means skiing that extra lap at the end of a powder day or reaching that peak that seemed unattainable. Fully live your passion and spend a lifetime exploring that pristine terrain at your own pace.
We are committed to your enjoyment of the mountains in their wildest state.

We know that backcountry skiing equipment can be confusing, so send us an e-mail or give us a call and we guarantee that we will give you the best advice for your skiing needs.