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Queen and King of the Hill - 2022 Recap

Queen and King of the Hill is a single elimination virtual running tournament that took place in May and June 2022.

The format

Every runner was randomly placed into a 64-person bracket. They then went head-to-head in pairs to see who could post the fastest time on a hill climb. The runner who submitted the fastest time of his or her pair advanced to the next round. The runner with the slower time of the pair was eliminated. 

All the challenges took take place on local Bow Valley climbs. Runners had to run the tournament on the segment that is selected each week.  

The Challenges

Week #1- Door Jamb Mountain
Week #2 - Carter Buttress Viewpoint
Week #3 - Yamnuska
Week #4 - Exshaw Mountain

The Prizes

The top four female and male runners walked away with $1650 in cash prize.

Karl Augsten and Emma Cooke-Clarke - $350

Scott Hill and Alison McPherson- $250

Joren Titus and Rachel Sloan - $150

Clement Tixier and Elizabeth Halleran - $75

King of the Hill

King of the Hill 2022 Results

Queen of the Hill

Queen of the Hill 2022 Results

General Classification