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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE
Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE


  • Meet the Dream Team: Florentin Guinnefollau

    Meet the Dream Team: Florentin Guinnefollau

    Florentin Guinnefollau

    What “personal touch” do you bring to SkiUphill / RunUphill?

    My Personal knowledge on gear, a French touch without the moustache, the hat and the “French baguette”.

    What other sports are you interested in?

    Doing a lot of ice climbing in the winter time and dry tooling/road biking/mountaineering in the summer time. Put me on a lake with a STUP and you will make my life wonderful too.

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  • Meet the Dream Team: Joel Desgreniers

    Meet the Dream Team: Joel Desgreniers

    Joel is the technical guru behind the products that we carry at SkiUphill. If you follow our blog, you’ll see ‘‘ we carry this product’’ and he is the one behind the ‘we’ by staying up way too late researching, getting up impossibly early for alpine starts to test out new gear first hand and the one with endless technical knowledge. If you have a gear question he is your guy and he is generous in sharing that knowledge with our team at SkiUphill. He occasionally wears spandex for Skimo races but his real thing is ‘’checking out’’ big and steep lines in the Rockies. Meet Joel...
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