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The Hybrid Athlete: Liz Halleran

The Hybrid Athlete: Liz Halleran

Liz, tell us a bit about yourself?

 My name is Liz Halleran, I'm 33. Banff has been my home for the last 7 years and I've been running in the Bow Valley since I got here. I'm an IT Project Manager by day and an amateur mountain athlete by early morning and late night. 

Why did you join RunUphill as an ambassador? 

RunUphill has done a fantastic job of upping the stoke on mountain running and other uphill sports since they opened in the valley. I don't think there has ever been a shortage of mountain running and skiing enthusiasts in the valley, and while there are several well-established groups within the community, RunUphill has done a great job of bringing those groups together and pushing the envelope on mountain running performance in the community. The local FKT board, the QOM/KOM challenges, the weekly mountain long runs make it hard to decide what to even participate in. I'm super stoked to be able to get the gear and fuel I want from a local store in the valley. The team at the store has gone out of their way to support me and make sure I have everything I need from the get go, I feel lucky to be involved and hope I can inspire some other runners to get in on the fun.


What is your ideal day in the mountains? 

I'm definitely a hybrid mountain/trail and road runner, and I have become a fan of long road or gravel bike rides too. It can become a big commitment of a day, but my favourite way to adventure in the mountains is to commute to a trailhead on my bike, run up a peak or a classic trail loop, and commute back to the beer in my fridge via bike. 

What’s your weapon of choice for running?  

My all-time favorite shoes for trail and mountain running are La Sportiva Bushido, I'm probably on my 8th or 9th pair. They are super sticky and grippy on rock and slabs which is why I love them for mountain runs or scrambles. I also find they drain really well so they are also my go-to for longer ultras up to 100 miles, I never have to worry about getting my feet wet during river crossings, I know they will dry out no problem. Fav’ fuel is by FAR Spring Awesome Sauce, I  never thought I would actually look forward to taking a gel but it's like slurping apple pie filling!

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