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Queen and King of the Hill - Door Jamb Mountain


Week #1 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Climb: Door Jamb Mountain

Length: 2.2 km
Elevation Gain: 660 m
Please time your effort manually. There are tons of ways of getting up this peak, do not rely exclusively on Strava to time yourself.

Getting to the start: Park at the Jura Creek Trailhead. This parking lot has washrooms and a bigger capacity. Alternatively you can park directly at the base of Door Jamb Mountain a few hundred meters further East. The climb up Door Jamb Mountain starts as soon as you leave this smaller parking lot at the base.

The 2 parking options. The climb starts as soon as you leave parking option #2 on the map.

Start your watch as soon as you leave the smaller dirt parking lot. 

The Challenge

Door Jamb Mountain is one of those popular after-work hits for local Bow Valley runners. Quieter than the likes of Ha Ling or Lady Macdonald, it offers a solid distance/elevation gain ratio. Most hikers take between 2 and 3 hours for the roundtrip, but the fastest runners will take just over 60 minutes...! 

Start your watch as soon as you leave the dirt parking lot that is right at the base of the mountain, and stop your watch when you reach the cairn on the flat meadow at the summit. From the proper summit, the trail should head downhill towards Loder Peak.

Route-finding can prove to be a bit tricky, as there are infrequent trail markers and it’s easy to get sucked in too far to climber’s left. 

There is a trail that is more obvious at the lower elevations, but it branches out a lot further up. Checking the GPS frequently if you’re unfamiliar with the route, and stick to the right if there is a fork in the trail. You will want to stay as close to the ridge as you can (climber's right) in order to avoid the steeper slabs climber's right. 

The scrambling is moderate and many scrambling sections can be easily bypassed on obvious beaten paths. Two hands are required a few times, but there are tons of sections with just friction-walking up slabs. 

Download the GPX File here

Getting back down: Hike back down the same way you came up. Staying descender's left closer to the ridge top leads to easier terrain the entire way down. The limestone slabs on the West aspects can easily be avoided by heading left on the descent. 

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