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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Queen and King of the Hill - Carter Route Viewpoint


Week #2 - The Underrated Classic

Climb: Carter Buttress Viewpoint

Length: approximately 2.4 km
Elevation Gain: around 740 m
Please time your effort manually. Please do not rely exclusively on Strava to time yourself.

Getting to the start: Park at the the Rat's Nest Cave Trailhead between Canmore and Exshaw. From there, take the trail on the West side of the parking lot. Follow the trail across the creek then up the bench on the climber's left side of the trail.

The start of the trail seen from the parking lot

Stay on the bench right next to the creek until you hit the power lines.

The challenge starts right after the power lines

The Challenge

The Carter route on Grotto Mountain is the climb hikers and trail runners start with to complete the Grotto traverse. But this time around we'll climb up to the viewpoint that is just over 700m up Grotto Mountain. Don't expect loose scree and a faint trail, the Carter route gives Lady Mac vibes with its well-defined switchbacks and its mellow angle on the first half. Once you've reached the viewpoint you'll be kicking yourself for not having made this route a go-to! Did anyone say running poles...?

Start your watch as soon as cross the powerlines stop your watch when you reach the cairn on the flat meadow above the cliffs. 

Download the GPX File here

Getting back down: Hike back down the same way you came up.

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