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Dynafit Binding Parts

by Dynafit
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Replacement parts for Dynafit bindings. Contact us if what you are looking for isn't in there.

  • Superlite 105/150 Toe Lever: The replacement plastic lever for the newer generation Superlite 150 and Low Tech Race 105 toe pieces
  • Radical Toe Lever: Black toe lever for Speed radical and Radical ST bindings. Also compatible with Speed Turn toe pieces. Comes as a single lever with the necessary hardware. 
  • Radical 2.0 Toe Lever: The bigger toe lever for Radical 2.0 bindings. Sold individually with the 2 pins and a spring
  • TLT Speed/Speedfit Plastic Locker: The tiny black plastic locker that attaches at the end of the ski/walk mode lever on the toe piece of the TLT Speed and Speedfit. Sold in pairs with retention pins. 
  • Radical Crampon Attachment (Single): Crampon attachment plate compatible with Speed Radical  and Radical ST toe pieces. What you see in the picture is what you get. 
  • Speed Turn Crampon Attachments (Pair): The crampon attachments for the Speed Turn, Speed and Speedfit bindings. See picture for what the part looks like. 
  • LTR Crampon Attachment: Low Tech Race 115 / Superlite 1.0 and 2.0 Crampon attachment. Sold individually with 2 set screws. 
  • LTR 105 / Superlite 150 Crampon Attachments (Pair): The crampon slots that work with the newer Superlite 150 and Low Tech Race 105 toe pieces. Sold in pairs.
  • Anti-Twist Kit: Prevents Speed Radical heels from rotating when in walk mode on the risers. Attaches underneath the heel pieces. Comes in pair.
  • Gliding Plate Replacement Set: Replacement gliding/AFD plate set suitable for Dynafit ST Radical, TLT Radical ST, Rotation 7 and Radical ski touring bindings. Sold in pairs with springs. 
  • FT Spacer: The 6 mm thick shim that goes under the toe piece in Radical FT bindings. Compatible with all Radical toe pieces. Sold individually and without screws. 
  • ST Radical Housing: heel unit housing for the ST Radical touring binding. this binding part only includes the heel unit housing and does not come with the base plate.
  • ST Radical Turn Housing: heel unit housing for the ST Radical Turn binding. Base Plate not included. Sold individually. 
  • ST Radical Heel Rotation Lock: A pair of the plastic insert that blocks the rotation when a binding is turned to walk mode. Comes in pairs with screws. 
  • Heel Base Radical ST 92/100 mm: The base plate with the brake that is used for the Radical ST and Rotation 7 heel pieces. 92 mm or 100 mm-wide brake. 
  • Heel Base Rotation 105 mm: The base plate used for Rotation 10, Rotation 12 and Radical 2.0 heel pieces. 
  • Superlite 150 Z6 Fork: The softer fork option for the Superlite 150 binding. Sold in pairs. 
  • Superlite 175 Z6 Forks: The softer fork option for the Superlite 2.0 and Superlite 175 bindings. Sold in pairs. 
  • Superlite 175 Z8 Forks: The stiffer fork option for the Superlite 2.0 and Superlite 175 bindings. Sold in pairs.