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Why Are You Here?

Why Are You Here?

Why are you here? It's a great question that businesses should ask themselves when they are starting out. What do you want to accomplish or achieve by doing what you do? It's something that we have been talking a lot about as we are getting ready to open our doors this fall. Why are we here? And we get it, that you should sell something to keep those doors open. But beyond that. What gets you up in the morning? Keeps you up working on the thing late at night? There are shops everywhere selling things and doing that. Some well, some not so well. But beyond selling something, what is your purpose?

What we came to is that we love backcountry skiing and trail running. We love the thrill of the new route. The excitement with a few friends and sharing in the exhilaration of a ridge. The drop into a couloir, playing in the mountains and we want to share that. This does require some gear and some chosen products and we do have that at our store. But our store is to be so much more than a collection of curated things. It is the place to go for route recommendations. For "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitude, interests and goals" as the definition states.

This past Tuesday I was at the local run club, Canmore Trail Culture and was chatting about our business when people asked what I did in town. There were a few people really interested in backcountry skiing but unsure of how to get into the community or which areas to ski. I know that feeling. It’s funny because backcountry and ski mountaineering people are so welcoming to new comers. I think that’s where can bring people to share in this sport we love and help them skip the lines at the resorts, not freeze on a chair lift and to earn their turns in the backcountry. 

Getting more into backcountry skiing this year has been so incredible to reaching some fitness goals, spending time with my partner and as cross training for trail running now that summer is here.

So we're doing something different at Something that will bring people together, creating a place where you can find that new line and get into the community. Guy Kawasaki, in "The Art of Creating a Community" (link here) says, "Give people something concrete to chew on" and we're going to do just that.

Sign up here for updates. Share with your friends. Stay tuned, we have exciting stuff coming this fall!

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