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Slow then fast

Slow then fast

We are well into renovations for our new space at 906 Bow Valley Trail. It’s great to be able to say that 8 days after getting the keys. Scott and Nicole, my brother and sister-in-law came in last minute to help with renovations and we were so thankful to get a big head start and some great knowledge on ‘how tos’ from them. I guess that is what we can say about so many things since we started this idea to where we are now. We are grateful for the community that is out there to help and give great advice. It can seem overwhelming at times with all the work to be done. If you have ever done renovations on a house or are in the middle of them, (it is summer afterall and reno season) you know what we mean. An intensity that comes from doing physical work with our hands. Building, patching, taping and designing. And then a noticeable switch to writing posts such as these, finalizing our orders, applying for permits and reviewing and signing lease documents. It can all seem overwhelming when you look at it. What is unique and wonderful as we reflect on the work that we are doing, the store that we are building and the space that we are renovating is that it makes us glad that we are building a place that will help bring together a community around a couple of sports that we love; back country skiing and trail running.

As we have been doing renovations it has seemed very slow going at times. Patching a wall, taping it and then feathering it 4 times seems mundane and they are tiny changes that we make with each passing day. But looking at photos over a week, much has changed. From removing a false ceiling, removing wires to cutting out the wall for our binding mounting area. Lots changes when you look at it a few days later. Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) said, ‘I went bankrupt gradually, then suddenly.’ I guess most type 2 sports are like that as well, gradual and then sudden. Ski touring up a mountain is one foot after the other that seems slow, until you’ve gained 1,400 metres. Trail running and ultra running are similar in getting to the next aid station, remembering to look up and take in some of the views. They seem like tiny changes in the moment but strung together they take you places and suddenly you are at the top of the mountain, or at the the finish line. We are excited for that finish line for renos to be sure, but enjoying the work along the way. Work that matters to us to create the space for you.


Thank you to the community that surrounds us. Those that have helped out so far in brawn, advice and insights. There are too many of you to list and we appreciate the support and are very excited. Check out our Instagram post for updates and we’ll see you all on the trails and at our store in September. 



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