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Mt Robson - The Art of History Making

Mt Robson - The Art of History Making

In the autumn of 1995 the north face of Mount Robson was finally skied. With little fanfare and no media presence, Ptor Spricenieks and Troy Jungen, from Whistler, walked to the mountain, climbed to its summit and the descended the giant face. (...) Spricenieks recalled, "We dropped in right off the summit and it was really, really, really, really steep and really, really big and we were way scared. It was great." Quoted from Powder Pioneers by Chic Scott

This spring has given its faire share of opportunities so far to tick big classics. From multiple descents of lines like the north face of Mt Victoria and Mt, Aberdeen to long traverses and steep and narrow couloirs, it has been difficult to stay up to date on all those trip reports and Instagram photos. Some attention seems to have been given to Mount Robson in the last couple weeks. Most of us know the story of the first and only descent of the north face of Mt. Robson and the fact that it had never been repeated in more than 20 years. Well, it seems like someone has proven a couple days ago that it still goes 22 years later. On may 21st, someone clipped in and dropped into what is arguably one of the gnarliest faces of the Rockies (yet to be confirmed). Just like the first descent, it got skied with very little fanfare or media coverage (so far), but we will likely hear more about that descent. A few skiers are probably hiking up to Berg Lake to chase the Unicorn and repeat the line as you read those words. Mount Robson goes! 

On another note, a few skiers also bagged the Kain Face and Resplendent this May. 


Hope we hear more about those descents in the next few days or weeks! You were there? Share your stories with us!


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