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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Climbing Skin Roll

by Pomoca
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Width: 100mm

The freerider skin

Mohair 70 % / Nylon 30 %

The skins made specially for freeriders: light, excellent grip and glide. The Free Pro 2.0 is essentially a super thin version of Pomoca's best selling Climb Pro S-Glide

Featuring a 70 % mohair and 30 % nylon structure, the Free Pro skin integrates POMOCA's exclusive antiglopping Ever Dry 2.0 and waterproof Safer Skin Light technologies. A hardwearing skin thanks to its semi-synthetic structure, making it extremely versatile.

200 kcal/h

46 g/cm2

1.050 g/m2

  • Don't forget to order enough centimetres for both skis...
  • Enter the amount of centimetres you need in the quantity box
  • Price is per cm