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Majesty Havoc 100 Carbon Skis

by Majesty
Original price $944.00 - Original price $944.00
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$944.00 - $944.00
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Length: 170 cm

These products haven't arrived yet in-store but they are expected soon!

Introducing the new Majesty Havoc 100, the little brother of the powder-shredding masterpiece that is the Havoc 110 Carbon. Combining style, durability, and unparalleled performance, the Havoc 100 is what dreams are made of when it comes to downhill performance. Don't be deceived by its stiff flex pattern—this ski offers remarkable agility, responsiveness, and unwavering confidence in all conditions.

At the front, you'll find a meticulously designed shovel that effortlessly slices through variable snow while providing precise control and dampening. The perfect balance of stiffness ensures you glide through any terrain without exerting excessive force. Meanwhile, the Havoc remains reliable and supportive underfoot, allowing you to push your limits with complete trust.

As a superb directional freeride ski, the Havoc rewards skilled technique, yet it doesn't demand brute strength. Its stable tails provide a solid platform for executing high-angle turns while still enabling easy pivoting, tempting you to explore narrow spaces and make last-minute directional changes.

    Lengths Available

    170 cm, 176 cm, 182 cm, 188 cm


    1750 g in 182 cm


    21m (171 and 176 cm), 23m (181, 186 and 191 cm)


    131/100/116 (182 cm)


    Extended Tip and Tail Rocker, Camber underfoot


    Full Sidewall


    Paulownia/Poplar Core, Carbon and Aramid Stringers


    Daily Driver, the exceptional shape of the Havoc 110 without the powder-specific width

    Bottom Line

    Alpine performance at touring weight, and then some!