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Leki Ultratrail FX.One Superlite Poles

by Leki
Original price $319.95 - Original price $319.95
Original price
$319.95 - $319.95
Current price $319.95
Length: 115 cm

This product is weight-optimized and designed for use in competition. It requires particularly trained and careful use and is not designed as an everyday training tool. For the purpose of everyday training, we recommend other products from our range that are optimized for special durability such as  "Ultratrail FX One” or “Evotrail FX One TA.

Weighing less than 10 ounces per pair (120 cm length), LEKI Evotrail FX One Superlite trekking poles are ideal for trail racing and ultras. Carbon construction makes these fixed-length poles light and strong. Take advantage of their race-friendly hand straps and low-profile tips that won't slow you down.

Trail Shark grips employ LEKI's dynamic Shark Frame mesh straps to create a connection point between your hands and the poles. This provides ergonomic performance, enhances agility, and effectively transfers power while in use. A security release system enables you to quickly connect and disconnect from the poles to change your grip position. If you prefer, you can remove the straps entirely and use the poles without them.

The "foldable" design of the poles consists of a concealed inner cord that runs through all four carbon shaft sections. After each shaft section is aligned, a push button lock tensions and locks the poles securely in place. Simply pull on the aligned sections until you hear the confirming "click" that the sections are locked securely in place. When you are ready to collapse the poles, push in the lock button to disengage the lock and fold up your poles. This innovative design saves weight and reduces packed size to just 13.8".

The poles use low-profile carbide trail running tips. The carbide provides strength and grip while minimal baskets reduce the risk of the poles getting caught between rocks or tree roots on the trail.

LEKI's patented FX technology only adds to the longevity of these poles. The poles are constructed so that you can easily replace the two lowest sections within minutes. If one of those sections breaks or becomes damaged, a replacement section can be obtained without needing to buy a complete set of new poles.


The product fulfils the primary purpose of a climbing aid. When moving quickly, there is a risk of the tip getting stuck between stones, soil or roots. Jamming the tip under tensile load on the handle increases the risk of breaking the shaft. Furthermore, we recommend its use in trail running exclusively on secured trails. The product should never be used in exposed terrain, i.e. in alpine and fall-prone mountain sports, on snow, ice or glaciers.

Sold in pairs

Construction Folding poles
Fixed length
Trigger Shark 2.0
Shark Frame Mesh Strap
Tube diameter
14|12|12|12 mm
Shaft material
100% Carbon
100% Carbon
Lower part
100% Carbon
Square Trail Tip
Length / Size
110 - 135 cm in 5 cm increments
137 g per pole
Pack size
35 cm

Size Chart

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