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Fritschi Vipec EVO 12 Bindings

Original price $589.00 - Original price $589.00
Original price
$589.00 - $589.00
Current price $589.00
Brake Width: 100 mm

Ski touring in a new dimension: with the unparalleled technology of lateral front release.

The easy step-in and the practical use of all functions provide security, especially in challenging terrain. The prompt release based on the preset values and the prevention of unwanted releases by the long dynamic path help to reduce injuries to a minimum. In downhill skiing, the higher forces are transmitted in the back. The Vipec Evo is equipped with a solid heel, same as alpine bindings. As a result, it allows a much more dynamic and safer style of skiing downhill. The right mix of light high-tech synthetics and high-quality metal alloys provides superior stability at a low weight.

  • Ninety-nine percent of the components are made in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach.
  • Lateral release at the toe with DIN setting and 13 mm elasticity for the toe-cap
  • Reliable release with 10 mm elasticity for the flexing ski
  • Emergency release when climbing
  • Easy step-in
  • Complete easy handling package
  • Solid, non-turning heel

Boot Compatibility Chart

    Weight 550 g / unit without ski brake
    BSL Adjustment 25 mm
    Riser Heights 2 + flat
    Vertical Release Adjustable 5-12
    Lateral Release Adjustable 5-12
    Crampon Ready Vipec/Tecton crampon only

    Steel, Aluminum, Plastic

    Warranty Lifetime


    A great Do-it-All Binding


    Lateral Toe Release

    A perfect in-between for alpine and backcountry skiing.

    NOT compatible with Dynafit TLT8 and Hoji Pro Tour boots (needs ISO 9523 standard)