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Fischer Transalp 86 CTI WS Skis

by Fischer
Original price $700.00 - Original price $700.00
Original price
$700.00 - $700.00
Current price $700.00
Length: 162 cm

October 2023

These products haven't arrived yet in-store but they are expected soon!

Introducing the Transalp 86 CTI – your mountain sidekick that's all about fun-packed adventures! Crafted with carbon fibers, it's as light as a feather yet tough as nails, thanks to the Air Tec wood core with Shaped TI Technology. This combo brings out the ski's wild side – super agile for climbs and rock-solid stable for downhill rushes.

The secret sauce is the Shaped TI Technology, with a dash of Titanal right at the ski's core. That means you're getting stability served on a platter, with a side of unbeatable power transmission and downhill prowess. Need to turn on a dime? No problem. This ski's torsionally stiff magic keeps you steady as a rock, even when the mountain throws its twists and turns at you.

Oh, and the width? It's the Goldilocks of skis – not too wide, not too narrow. It's just right for those uphill climbs that won't leave you huffing and puffing, and the downhill thrill rides that'll make you scream with joy.

Ready for a ski that's not just gear, but a ticket to mountain highs? 

Precut Fischer skins available here

Lengths Available

162 cm, 169 cm


1110 g (162 cm)


19 m (162 cm)


115/85/102 (162 cm)


Tour Rocker, Shaped Ti Technology


Sandwich sidewall, ABS sidewalls


Paulownia Woodcore + Carbon Stringers


Easy to turn, nimble and lively.

Bottom Line

The Fischer pedigree applied to Touring!