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Dynafit TLT X Ski Boots (Women's)

by Dynafit
Original price $670.00 - Original price $670.00
Original price
$670.00 - $670.00
Current price $670.00
Size: 23.5

 Skip the 9, and go straight to X.

If there's something that tech has taught us it's that the more sci-fi the name sound the better, but also that innovative products deserve unapologetic designations. Enters Dynafit's new TLT X boot; an elegant and simple lightweight boot that packs a punch.

Undo the new Ultra Lock 5.0 and release the Twistfit closure system to reveal one of the main improvements; a far more anatomical fit. Forget the baggy and high-volume fit from a few years ago. You are now looking at a much more refined shape featuring an enhanced instep and heel pocket while still offering all the forefoot volume to keep your pinky toes happy no matter the duration of you ski day(s) or how many pairs of socks you wear at -30!

Other features include the return of the toe welt for improved crampon compatibility and an elegant Twistfit closure system for better closure over the instep more even pressure distribution. 60 degrees of cuff range of motion will make the TLT X feel like a running shoe on the up. Let's just say that lots of people don't even have 60 degrees of ankle range of motion...!

Weight 1030 g (Size 26.5)
Shell  Grilamid
Cuff Grilamid + Glass Fiber

Dynafitter 5

Forward Lean 15 Degrees, 18 Degrees
Range of Motion 60 Degrees
Buckle Closure

Ultra Lock System 5.0

Twistfit Closure System

Compatibility Tech Only
Last Width 101 mm
Boot Sole Length 257 mm (23/23.5)
267 mm (24/24.5)
277 mm (25/25.5)
287 mm (26/26.5)

Ski Touring

Going Fast and Far