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Dynafit Mezzalama Skis

by Dynafit
Original price $849.95
Original price $849.95 - Original price $849.95
Original price $849.95
Current price $637.50
$637.50 - $637.50
Current price $637.50
Length: 162 cm

Unleash your inner competitor with the Mezzalama touring ski – your ticket to conquering Grand Course races! This ski isn't just lightweight – it's practically featherweight, shaving precious seconds off your race time. Whether you're racing the clock or tackling challenging alpine terrain, this ski's got your back. It's like the superhero of skis – sidewall and cap construction give you superhero-level power transfer without the heavy baggage.

Crafted from premium Paulownia, the Race wood core is like the secret sauce that strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight. And guess what? It's not stopping there. With extra reinforcements from fiberglass and carbon speed stringers, this ski is tougher than a mountain goat. Oh, and did we mention the specially grinded DNA ski base? It's practically begging for speed.

So, if you're up for claiming the champion's title in those heart-pounding races, grab the Mezzalama Ski. It's not just performance – it's performance dialed up to "unstoppable." Get ready to leave everyone else eating your powder!


790 g in 162 cm

Lengths Available

153 cm, 162 cm


20.5 m




240 mm tip Rocker, camber underfoot


Sidewall – Cap Construction


Paulownia Speed Core, Carbon Speed Stringer


Wallet-Friendly Racing, Training and Traverses

Bottom Line

Added weight for added durability and comfort
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