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Dynafit Mezzalama Bindings

by Dynafit
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Introducing the Mezzalama: the world's lightest, fully adjustable Speed binding, weighing a mere 125 grams and accommodating release values between DIN 5-10. In the pursuit of fast, efficient, and secure movements for athletes during training and technical alpine ski tours, the Mezzalama places a strong emphasis on low weight and intuitive handling, following the motto of "No pain, no gain."
Developed with safety-conscious ski mountaineers and training in mind, the Mezzalama binding encompasses all essential elements needed to achieve your goals: outstanding performance, safety, reliability, and trustworthiness. Its remarkably lightweight construction makes it barely noticeable on your equipment, yet it remains incredibly durable to withstand the toughest uses, thanks to high-performance materials like aluminum and carbon fiber.
Setting it apart from other bindings in its weight class, the Mezzalama boasts full adjustability both laterally and vertically, supporting DIN values from 5 to 10. This unique feature enables a seamless blending of boundaries between Speed and Tour segments, catering to diverse skiing preferences.
The race-optimized entry into both the toe piece and heel unit ensures quick and effortless functionality, allowing you to make the most of your time on the mountain without any delays. Additionally, for enhanced safety on icy or crusty terrains, ski crampons can be easily attached to the Mezzalama binding.
Moreover, the Mezzalama binding is compatible with the intelligent, lightweight 33-gram Low Tech race brakes. These brakes offer innovative dual functionality, combining heel lifter and brake into one and enabling convenient one-handed operation. Athletes can swiftly transition between ski and walk modes, while also having the option to deploy either risers or brakes as needed. The clever integration of the riser function with the brake design contributes to saving those precious last few grams.
As with all DYNAFIT bindings, the Mezzalama has been meticulously developed and manufactured in Germany, providing a lifetime guarantee for added assurance. With the Mezzalama binding, you can trust in its safety and performance for the most demanding skiing adventures.

Weight per binding

133 g

BSL Adjustment Optional Adjustment Plate
Riser Heights 1
Vertical Release fixed
Lateral Release 5-10
Crampon Ready Yes, Included Crampon Slots



High Tech Synthetic

Stainless steel

Warranty Lifetime 


Technical Alpine Ski Touring 

Superlight bindings for so many features! 


133 g

BSL Adjustment

Optional Adjustment Plate

Vertical Release


Lateral Release

Adjustable, 5-10

Crampon Ready

Yes, Included Crampon Slots


Aluminum, Carbon, High Tech Synthetic, Stainless steel


Skimo Racing, Ski Mountaineering

Bottom Line

Adjustability meets feather weight