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Dynafit DNA Bindings

by Dynafit
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Color: Black

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Presenting the DNA Race binding, the ultimate choice for ambitious skimo athletes, weighing an astonishingly light 96 grams and offering exceptional handling and durability. In the world of races, every gram and every second are crucial for securing a place on the podium. To unlock your peak performance, the DNA binding has been meticulously streamlined to the absolute essentials, ensuring 100% reliability and trustworthiness during both ascents and high-speed descents.
Designed specifically for athletes and tested by them, this binding features a bionic design and a natural affinity for speed. Its ultralight construction makes it virtually unnoticeable on your gear, yet it remains exceptionally sturdy and durable, courtesy of racing-specific high-performance materials such as milled aluminum and carbon fiber, ready to tackle the most demanding challenges.
Entry into both the toe piece and heel unit is optimized for racing, allowing for effortless and rapid transitions, ensuring you never waste valuable time in the transition zones. The risers also function seamlessly, further enhancing efficiency during climbs.
Complying with ISMF prerequisites, the DNA binding provides both lateral and vertical release capabilities, which can also be manually secured. Keeping up with the 2021-22 season's ISMF race regulations, the new DNA binding is equipped with the lightweight 33-gram Low Tech Race brakes. These brakes feature an innovative dual function, serving as both risers and brakes, operated with ease using just one hand. As a result, athletes can effortlessly switch between ski and walk modes, deploying either risers or brakes as needed. The clever integration of the riser function with the brake design efficiently saves those critical last few grams.
Like all DYNAFIT bindings, the DNA is proudly designed and manufactured in Germany, offering a lifetime guarantee. The DNA binding is fully ISMF compliant and delivers speed that can outpace the stopwatch, making it the perfect companion for skimo athletes striving to conquer the toughest races on the mountain.

Weight per binding

96 g

BSL Adjustment Optional Adjustment Plate
Riser Heights 1
Vertical Release fixed
Lateral Release fixed
Crampon Ready Yes, Included Crampon Slots



High Tech Synthetic

Stainless steel

Warranty Lifetime 


Skimo Racing

Superlight bindings for so many features! 


96 g

BSL Adjustment

Optional Adjustment Plate

Vertical Release


Lateral Release


Crampon Ready

Yes, Included Crampon Slots


Aluminum, Carbon, High Tech Synthetic, Stainless steel


Skimo Racing, Training

Bottom Line

World Cup worthy jewellry