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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Dynafit Boot Parts

by Dynafit
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Lost a buckle? Broke a cable? Loose cuff rivets? We carry the Dynafit parts to repair your boots so that you dont ever miss a day out on the skis! 

  • Speed 1 Cuff Buckle: The (in)famous TLT5, TLT6, Speed and Speedfit cuff buckle! Sold individually with rivets. 
  • Hoji Instep Buckle: Instep buckle for your Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.
  • Hoji Instep Ratchet Strap: Instep strap for you Hoji Free or Hoji Pro.
  • Hoji Cuff Buckle: A single cuff buckle for the Hoji boots. Fluo Orange
  • Hoji Toe Buckle Set: The inverted cable buckle used on the Hoji and Hoji Free boot. 
  • Hoji Free Spoiler: Changes the forward lean of your Hoji boot from 11 to 17 degrees for enhanced downhill performance. Sold in pairs. 
  • Hoji Cable System: The set of cables to fix the integrated cuff buckle/walk mode 
  • TLT8 Instep Band : The cable and plastic ratchet strap that the instep buckle latches on. 
  • TLT8 Instep Buckle Set: The instep buckle for the TLT8 boot. Sold as a left or a right buckle. Works with all TLT8 boots.
  • TLT7 Buckle Set: Complete replacement buckle system for a TLT7. Includes rivets
  • TLT7 Powerstraps: Pair of camming powerstraps for TLT7 boots. Would also work with other Dynafit boots. 
  • TLT6 Cuff Rivets: 4 rivets and washers included. Yellow Colour. Compatible with both Performance and Mountain mode
  • TLT6 Velcro Straps: Pair of velcro straps for Dynafit TLT6 Boots. Black and Yellow. Compatible with sizes 22 to 26.5
  • Speedfit / TLT6 Cuff Buckle: Right or Left cuff buckle and cord. Neon yellow/green. No catch included
  • Speedfit / TLT6 Instep Buckle: Right or Left instep buckle and cord. Neon yellow. 
  • Neo/Vulcan Instep Buckles: Right or Left instep buckle, 2 rivets and 2 washers. Newer dark green colour. Compatible with Vulcan, Neo, ONE boots. Blue buckle with neon yellow catch. 
  • Vulcan Instep Bands Set: Pair of plastic bands that link the buckle catches to the shell for both the instep and the toe buckles. Older bright green colour
  • Vulcan Velcro Straps - Removable powerstraps for your Vulcan. Every two shell sizes have their own Power Strap.
  • TLT5 Buckle Cord Set: Pair of cords for the instep buckles on Dynafit TLT5 boots
  • TLT5 Velcro Straps: Pair of Velcro Straps for TLT5 boots. Black/Grey/Green colour
  • PDG 2 Velcro Cuff Straps: The cuff velcro straps that are riveted on the PDG 2 cuff. Sold in pairs
  • PDG 2 Cuff Buckles set: The Blue and Orange Buckles that come on the PDG 2 boot from Dynafit. Sold in pairs. 
  • PDG Buckle Cuff Set: A pair of cuff buckles and catches for the Dynafit PDG/DYNA boots. 
  • Beast Power Inserts: The extended heel inserts that allow compatibility with the Dynafit Best bindings. Sold in pairs. 
  • Cramp-In Plates Kit: The inserts that go in the ski boot to allow cramp-in compatibility. Only compatible with Cramp-In enabled Dynafit boots. Sold in pairs with hardware.