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Colltex Skin Parts

by Colltex
Original price $8.00 - Original price $25.00
Original price
$8.00 - $25.00
Current price $8.00
Part: Colltex Aluminium Tip Plate (pair)


  • Colltex Aluminium Tip Plate (pair): This set, consisting of tip plate, rivet heads, and rivet buck-tails made of aluminium is used to attach the skin clip. Easy to assemble .2 x aluminium plates with rivets
  • Colltex Hexagon End Hooks (pair): New-generation (2022 and newer) tail hooks for the most recent Colltex tail straps. 
  • Colltex Hexagon End Hook Kit (pair): A full pair of the new-generation (2022 and newer) tail straps, tail hooks and rivets.