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Colltex Pro Skin Sock - O/S

by Colltex
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Pro-skin socks are the slick solution for safeguarding your ski skins. Crafted from top-notch synthetic materials, these bad boys are here to keep your ski adventure on point. Say goodbye to the hassle of cover nets, 'cause pro-skin socks are bringing the heat.

Come rain or shine, these socks have your back – or, rather, your ski skins' adhesive side. They're like the ultimate weatherproof shield, making sure your adhesive game stays strong without any sticky situations.

Ever had your ski skins do the twist in the wind? Pro-skin socks are the no-nonsense remedy. They lock 'em in place, so you can shred that powder without any slippin' and slidin'.

And let's not forget the adhesive-on-adhesive disaster. Pro-skin socks are your peacekeepers. They make sure your ski skins don't start a sticky fight with each other.

Now, for the after-party: when you're done dominating the slopes, whip those ski skins out of their socks, let 'em air dry, and stash 'em away. And if your socks get a little dirty from all the action, no worries, they're cool with a 40-degree wash.

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