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Bootfitting Appointments - Book Here


Orders and Accounts

What Is The Status of My Order?

If you placed your order as a guest, consult your email.

If you placed your order with your account:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Access the Orders/Refunds section
  3. View ‘order status’

Possible order statuses:

  • Paid : Order has been paid
  • Partially refunded : Order has had one or more items refunded
  • Refunded : Order has been refunded
  • Fulfilled : Order has been picked, packed & shipped
  • Unfulfilled : Order has not been shipped yet

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Visit our shipping policies page for detailed info about how long orders usually take to ship within Canada or internationally.

How Can I Cancel an Order?
If your order is still processing, we may be able to cancel it. Call us to find out. If it’s been shipped or is complete, it’s too late to cancel.

Where Can I Find my Tracking Number?
Once your order is shipped, you’ll get a confirmation email. Under the shipping method section, you’ll see the carrier & tracking number.

The Tracking Info Indicates That my Package Has Been Delivered, but I Can't Find It. What Should I Do?

It might have been scanned as “delivered” as it was put on the delivery truck. If you don’t see it by the end of the day, check your mailbox. If the mail carrier couldn’t contact you, you’ll find a note instructing you to pick up your parcel at the nearest post office.

If it’s been two business days, call the post office. If your package can’t be located, call us and we’ll take care of filing a lost parcel claim with the shipping partner. Contact us within 2 weeks from the “delivered” date so we can investigate the issue. If more than 2 weeks have passed, tracing becomes less reliable and the request may be declined.

Order Tracking Says “Delivery Notice Card Left” but I Don’t Have One. Where Is my Parcel?

Call your nearest post office to see if your parcel is there. The driver may be in the process of dropping off your parcel and returning the following business day to put the card in your mailbox. If it’s been 2 business days since it should have been delivered, contact us.

Why Was my Order Cancelled?

Your order may be cancelled if your payment is declined, the billing address doesn’t match the one on file with your credit card company, or other authorization issues. Check your email for a follow-up message from us.

Can Someone Else Pick Up my Order?
Yes. Include the name of a designated “pickup person” when you place the order. They’ll need to bring photo ID, so we know we’re handing over your order to the right person.

Contact us if you want to change the pickup person after an order has been placed.

Why Can't I Select Pick Up in Store for my Order?


How Do Gift Cards Work?


Sales Taxes

I Sent an Email to Customer Service. How Long Will It Take to Hear Back?

Our team will get back to you within two business days. In unusually busy periods, we'll get in touch within three to five business days.For emergencies please call us.