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Canmore Quad Day - July 20th
Canmore Quad Day - July 20th


Elfin lakes and Red Heather

Description: Arguably one of the most visited backcountry areas in the Sea To Sky in Summer and Winter. Don’t let the crowds deter you too much since this area has a lot of wilderness to offer. 360 degree views of the ocean and deep into Garibaldi Park the Elfin lakes area is gorgeous. Local tip: Early Fall is the best time to be up here. Less people and you’ll have all the blueberries to yourself. The whole run follows an old dirt access road and is generally low angled. There are several well marked trails that go past Elfin Lakes that all make for long outings of 30-50 km round trip. Check BC parks website to clarify if a day pass is needed.

    • Distance: 8 (Red Heather), 20 (Elfin Lakes) 
    • Difficulty: Moderate 
    • Elevation Gain: 400 or 900 meters +-
    • Where to Park: Elfin Lakes Parking lot
    • Surface: Firm dirt and rock
    • Vehicle Access: 2wd drive in the summer only. AWD with tire chains for winter.
    • Pets: No pets allowed in all of Garibaldi Provincial Park