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Canmore Quad Day - July 20th
Canmore Quad Day - July 20th


Coaching Resources

Looking for a professional to help you get into running or to chase that next PB? Here are a few great coaches to reach out to:

Groupe Kinexia by Evelyne Blouin - Kin.

Whether you are a new or hard-core athlete, Evelyne can help you to achieve your objectives, all while tailoring my coaching and support skills to your unique personality. Her approach is simple: everyone is entitled to becoming the athlete they are meant to be, in an environment they are meant to be in.

So what’s her cred?
She has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s  in Experimental Medicine from the Université Laval in Québec City. Her coaching expertise  is backed by her scientific background as well as her continuous research in the latest findings in kinesiology, medicine, health and wellness. What’s more: she’s a former professional triathlete and elite cyclist

  • Assessment and counselling
  • Technique evaluation and support
  • Full-scale training programs
  • Corporate wellness programs

Note: Kinexia's services are focused on more cardio-oriented sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. If you are looking for a gym trainer, thank you for your interest, but you will be best served elsewhere!


Omnia Movement and Performance - Chelsea Deschamps, MKin, CSEP-CEP, NSCA-CSCS

Chelsea comes from an extensive background of sports both competitive and recreational ranging from luge to rock climbing. She obtained a Master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of Calgary and has spent more than 8 years in training and coaching.

She believes that quality of movement is vital for an individual's success in sport performance and injury prevention. A perfectionist when it comes to ensuring successful movement patterns in clients, Chelsea excels at bringing out the best athlete in each individual.

  • Team, Individual, and Group strength and movement coaching
  • Athlete development
  • Individualized training programs for strength and performance
  • Innovative injury rehabilitation
  • Assessment and testing
  • Yearly Training Plans and periodization

    Bringing out the best athlete in you.