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When I feel most alive...

When I feel most alive...

When I feel most alive…

I was thinking about this phrase the other week as my brother, who was in from Winnipeg said it. He said, “I feel most alive when I am in the mountains, hiking, biking or doing stuff.” It was during a fun hike up to the Alpine Club of Canada's Bow Hut for the night with him and a few of his friends and the scenery was big mountain terrain. Glaciers, waterfalls and the stuff that you think about when you dream about mountains so it was very fitting.

It got me thinking about getting out more myself to hit the trails. To do a run that, “I don’t feel like doing” after a long day or tiring week. Maybe it is just what I need to do to get that boost or pick me up from the day is a run. And while I don’t “feel like it”, recognizing that and doing it anyways knowing that I will feel most alive. Of course there is lots of commentary out there on runners highs and endorphins that are released which is the how of feeling great from running but it’s the why that I am most interested in.

Last night, my partner and I went out for a run. Both tired and a bit grumpy from too many hours spent doing renovations and tired from the last couple of months. While the first 15 minutes was tough after that it was that “when I feel most alive” feeling that I was hoping for and like clockwork for me I get after 15 minutes. I wonder how many missed opportunities for this connection that we miss because we’re tired, sore, busy or (insert random excuse here). There was a poster that an old friend gave me from a Nike ad that said, “You either ran today. Or you didn’t”. So while you might be like me and have an excuse; it is true that you either ran today, or you didn’t. And If you step onto that trail you will feel most alive.

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