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Perpetual Ski - Best Skier on the Mountain

Perpetual Ski - Best Skier on the Mountain

Outrageous lines. Terminal exposure. Audacious skiing. 

I recently found myself going through the pages of a blog called Stumbling on this website a couple times in the last 2 years, I just couldn't believe how committing the skiing was. But it was only this winter that I really started going through the endless inspiration (and beta) that it provides. The stoke from this spring's conditions had me looking for more obscure, less skied lines and Perpetualski provided me with these mind-blowing descents that I wouldn't even dream of skiing one day.  

The man behind all those breathtaking lines: Trevor Sexsmith. Some of you might have known him, others might only have heard of him. Trevor did not survive an avalanche on Mt. Victoria last September. I didn't know Trevor, but as a skier, sharing some turns with that guy one day was definitely on my bucket list. Much has been said about his death and no matter what each of us think about it, no one can ignore the fact that he was on his way to become an icon of Canadian steep skiing. 

Want to get inspired on that rainy and sad weekend where there is no skiing to be done? Go check out his blog. Flip through the pages, videos and photos on and experience it for yourself. 

He will continue to inspire skiers to look past the guidebooks and the well-established lines and to redefine steep skiing in the Rockies. As the discipline gathers more and more momentum among backcountry skiers, we hope to be just as amazed at those new lines that will get skied in the future and that these visionary skiers will live old and tell stories about those groundbreaking descents.

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