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Minotaur SkyRace - Race Tips

Minotaur SkyRace - Race Tips

With just days to go until the Minotaur SkyRace, we turned to Jessie for the ultimate lowdown on the course and race strategies. This beast of a race promises gnarly climbs, wild descents, and jaw-dropping views that’ll have your legs and lungs begging for mercy. Your gear’s all set—now let’s get the inside scoop on how to tackle this epic adventure and make every wild mile count!

 First third

Don’t go out too hard—trust us, it’ll come back to bite you later. Expect some traffic jams on the first climb, so take it easy and keep your pace reasonable. The first downhill? It's a quad crusher. If you run it all out, your legs will definitely feel the burn. And don't forget to hydrate! Make sure to drink at least a full soft flask before hitting the first Aid Station.

Second Third

The second climb is a beast, so don’t forget to refuel at the aid station if you're running low on water. This ascent is no joke—it's super technical with tons of sharp rocks and loose scree waiting to trip you up. After conquering that, get ready for the Shoe Shredder Descent. It’s steep and fast, so keep it smooth and controlled as you blitz down the mountain, losing elevation at a rapid pace!

    Last Third

    The last climb is a beast—it’s painfully long and will test your mental fortitude to the max. Midway up, you’ll encounter the most technical section of the course. The sharp rocks and tricky terrain demand your full attention, but don’t forget to take a quick look around because the views are absolutely stunning. And a quick tip: make sure to stow your poles away for this part!

    As you near the top, you’ll find several short descents scattered throughout the upper half of the climb. These are perfect opportunities to grab a quick bite or a sip of water, so take advantage of them to keep your energy up.

    Reaching the final summit might feel like a victory, but don’t let your guard down just yet. The race is far from over. Ahead lies a long, unrelenting 11km descent that’s sure to test your endurance. This descent isn’t just a straight shot down; it’s peppered with several short but punchy climbs that will demand the last reserves of your energy. Make sure you’ve saved some strength for these final challenges.

    After you pass aid station 3, the course becomes fast and non-technical. If your legs are still feeling good and cramp-free, it’s time to pick up the pace and let gravity help you put down a couple of faster kilometers.

    As you approach the last couple of kilometers on the pavement, you’ll likely be battling some serious fatigue and pain. Just keep moving forward, no matter what. The finish line is close, and every step brings you nearer to that sweet, sweet victory.

     We look forward to seeing you out on the course. Enjoy the experience of moving through the Canadian Rockies with a few hundred fellow trail runners. Embrace the community, Dig Deep, Get weird, and Suffer well!

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