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Kästle ZX108 Skis

by Kästle
Original price $707.00 - Original price $707.00
Original price
$707.00 - $707.00
Current price $707.00
Length: 179 cm

Get ready for an adventurous experience with the Kastle ZX108 Ski. Striking the ideal balance between stiffness and playfulness, this ski is designed to excel both on groomed trails and in powder. It empowers you to effortlessly navigate off-piste tree runs and tackle steep black diamond slopes all in one day. The well-proportioned profile of the ski is a perfect match, allowing you to confidently take on daring cliff drops in deep snow or execute precise carves on compacted snow.

Key Features

  • A versatile all-mountain ski that effortlessly combines stability with playfulness
  • With a mid-fat 108mm waist, it smoothly transitions from powder to groomed trails
  • The rockered tips facilitate easy turns and provide excellent performance over rough snow
  • The gradual rise in the tail ensures unwavering stability in varying conditions
  • Crafted with a robust semi-cap sandwich construction for ultimate control
  • The wood blend core minimizes swing weight, enhancing the ski's playful nature
  • Incorporates a fiberglass laminate that effectively reduces vibrations during high-speed runs

Lengths Available

179 cm, 184 cm


1900 grams in 179 cm


17.9 m in 179 cm




Tip and Tail Rocker, Camber underfoot


Semi-Cap Sandwich Sidewall


Poplar Beech Core, Fiberglass and Carbon overlays


Freeride Crossover ski

Bottom Line

A higher swing weight for more stability and performance on the down