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Queen and King of the Hill - Week #1 - Grassi Lakes

May 19th to May 26th 2024
Just like any good prologue, we're offering you a fast and furious challenge and diving straight into the heart of Canmore's premier tourist attraction: Grassi Lakes. Don't let the serene beauty of the trail and its gentle grades deceive you; the climb to the reservoir is set to be an all-out drag race, with fierce competition, narrow margins of victory and no room for error.


Start your watch at the big Grassi Lakes interpretive sign at the start of the gravel trail.

From there, simply follow the broad gravel path that leads to Grassi Lakes. At the top of the rolling climb, you’ll reach a tree in the middle of the trail. At this point, turn right onto the trail that heads between the two lakes. Hike past the “Rockfall Hazard” gate then follow the steep trail up the Grassi Lakes climbing area until you reach the reservoir.

Stop your watch when you touch the metal gate at the reservoir. 

  • Distance: 2.2km one way
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Elevation Gain: 270 meters
  • Where to Park: Grassi Lakes Day Use Area
  • Surface: Gravel, stairs, semi-technical trail
  • GPX Track 
  • YouTube Link

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