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Warranty Requests

We are sorry that you are experiencing issues with your items. Please fill out the form below and our team with examine your request and get the warranty process started for you.  

Warranties and Repairs

We want you to be satisfied with the products that you purchase from us. We use and love the stuff that we carry as well. Most products we sell carry a 1 to 3-year warranty or more depending on the manufacturer. We also guarantee the product selection advice we offer. 

Will my stuff last?

People come to SkiUphill for quality and expert advice, but every product has a practical lifespan. Trail running and backcountry skiing equipment wears out and can be damaged by accident, neglect, misuse or simply by the mileage they see. Those things aren’t covered, but we can look to have it repaired for a reasonable fee by a local resource.

We view this guarantee in a similar way to our values as a company: provide great gear, give knowledgeable and great advice and treat each other fairly, as our moms used to tell us.

Other Warranty Stuff

Most of our products are covered by an extended manufacturer’s warranty, woohoo. This guarantee covers manufacturing defects but not abuse, accidental damage or normal usage. We do not determine if it is covered under warranty, the manufacturer does. Please give us a call and we can give you more details on a particular manufacturer. 

We would love to be the place to help get the warranty going for you with that manufacturer. Unfortunately, we cannot warranty items that weren't purchased with us. For items purchased elsewhere, please contact the store where the purchase was originally made.