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Bootfitting appointments - BOOK HERE

Trail Running Passport

The principle of this passport is to take you to places that we love and want to share. You'll likely have been to some of them, maybe a lot of them, but we've gone into the cabbage to bring you some you've hopefully never seen.

For some of the routes within these pages, fitness and a willingness to suffer are mandatory. This isn't to say these aren't approachable to the novice, they absolutely are, but a certain disposition is required in order to experience the full breadth. If you are reading this, if you want this, you are that kind of person.

What follows are places, experiences, that offer opportunity for transcendence. To get you past the myre of the everyday, into the raw goodness of the mountains and the spirit they draw from you. We wish you luck in seeking out those interior places, exposed through the exterior world. 

Finally, we are grateful for what you bring to this community and your commitment to the path less travelled. 

Now here's some beta for you and your GPS watch...


Sunshine to Assiniboine

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