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Crooked Falls

Description: A pleasant outing that does not require using a boat to cross the Squamish river. After cruising up old logging roads for the first 1/3rd runners will encounter an impressive swath of Coniferous Old Growth. Fun Fact: Randy Stoltman, West Coast explorer and conservationist achieved protection of this area during the War In the Woods during the early 90’s. Eventually runners will pop out of the forest in front of a series of gorgeous cascading waterfalls. Note: If you have time and energy take another 10 minutes to follow the signage up to the Stoltman Viewpoint overlooking the Squamish Valley.

  • Distance: 8  km
  • Difficulty: Moderate 
  • Elevation Gain: 590 meters +-
  • Where to Park: Ashlu Road 2nd bridge
  • Surface: Roots, Rocks, Loose Dirt, Wood.
  • Vehicle Access: 2wd FSR

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