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Beers, Ciders & Beverages on Tap (In-Store Only)

On Tap:

Gather Round West Coast IPA - Cabin Brewing 7.0%

with Rye blends six hop varietals and a melange of pilsner, pale, Vienna, wheat and rye malts from Red Shed to create a flavour that is pithy and piney, with that perfect amount of earthy, grainy sweetness that reminds you of a crisp afternoon stroll through late season undergrowth.

Okami Kasu - Ol' Beautiful 5.0%

Taking inspiration from Japanese-style lagers, this ale includes a substantial portion of rice, which gives it a unique and silky mouthfeel, while still preserving its easy drinking and approachable qualities. Saké Kasu (rice leftover from saké production) is added to give the beer a subtle hint of boozy, creamy funk in the finish.

Canned Beer:


Pegasus - Ol' Beautiful 5.4% 

A dry hopped American-style Pale Ale that showcases fresh and aromatic Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. Expect an upfront citrus aroma and flavour, which gives way to its resinous, floral undertones. A noticeable malt sweetness adds body to the beer and brings balance the beer’s hop forward character.

Melody - West Coast IPA - Ol' Beautiful 6.5%

A medium bodied and deep amber West Coast IPA featuring an approachable bitterness. Enjoy the potent fresh pine and grapefruit bouquet from heaps of Simcoe and Amarillo hops, perfectly balanced with a sweet caramel and biscuit malt base. The perfect beer for the classic IPA lover.


Marty McDry - Core Values 6.5%

A crisp, dynamic, semi-dry cider with notes of white grape, tropical fruit and farmhouse funk. Wildly fermented with a balanced and bright acidity. Made from a variety of 100% BC apples. Your future self will thank you.

Positive Current - Core Values 6.5%

A co-ferment of BC apples and AB currants resulting in a tart, earthy, semi-dry cider. Wildly fermented with notes of cassis, red plum, strawberry and melon. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Return of the Mac - Core Values 6.5%

A sweet-ish, Macintosh forward cider made from 100% BC apples. Wildly fermented with a balanced acidity and a strong apple finish. This mac will make ya JUMP! JUMP!

The Sour of Love - Core Values 6.5%

Co-fermented AB sour cherries and BC apples. A tart, jammy, wildly fermented cider with notes of cherry, strawberry and baking spice. What cherry tales are made of.


Honey Bush Hard Tea - Ol' Beautiful 4.5%

Introducing our refreshing and unique hard iced tea brewed to perfection using African Honeybush tea. Each sip breathes a natural sweetness and aromatic finish for a truly revitalizing experience.