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Meet our Athletes: Adrien Prigent

Meet our Athletes: Adrien Prigent

You probably already came across this short, split-short wearing European guy on local trails. This guy's name is Adrien Prigent, one of our new RunUphill athletes. After spending a few years trail running and ultra-running on the other side of the Atlantic, Adrien made the move to the Rockies to get a taste of the North American trail running culture. He quickly became well known in the Bow Valley as "the guy who runs all the time" and we are happy to welcome Adrien to the RunUphill family!

A few of his results include:

- Terawera 100 Winner, New Zealand

- South Downs Way 100 Winner, United Kingdom

Name: Adrien Prigent (aka Chamois)

Professional occupation: Production manager at Rocky Mountain Soap Company

How long have you been trail running for? I’ve been running for almost 5years and Trail running for 3 years.
Your Favourite Distance?100miles!! Real test for the body and the mind!
Your favourite race? It’s TDS (Part of the UTMB races). It was my first proper mountain race and I absolutely loved it!


How did you start trail running? What was your first race? I used to be a road runner but one day my former manager came into work saying he had signed for a 100k Race. I was like sounds cool I’m gonna do it with you! So the Race to the Stones 100k Race was my first trail race and my first Ultra.

What brought you to the Rockies? After traveling for over 15 months I felt the need to settle down so my original plan was to spend a year in NZ. But then my friend and running partner Svenja found a job in Calgary so she told me all about the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and I decided to come here too. Best decision of my life!!!


What are your goals this year? I have few races planned this year and I’d like to do really well in all of them...

I’ll be racing the following:
  • Sinister 7 (Canada)
  • The Death Race (Canada)
  • Ultra Trail Harricana (Canada)
  • Golden Ultra (Canada)
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge California (USA)
1 thing you always bring on a run: Toilet paper ;) 
Gels and sports drink or real food? Tailwind for the win!! I only use Tailwind when racing. It woks really well for me. No real food or anything else.

What is your favourite running loop/circuit here? It’s really hard to pick one as the mountains are so beautiful here! But if I have to pick one I’d pick the Rundle peak from Banff, I was blown away by the views when I went up there the first time!
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