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  • Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)
    August 28, 2018 Joel Desgreniers

    Backcountry Ski Gear: Our Favourite Picks for this Winter (Part 1)

    Colder nights and the occasional dusting of snow can only mean one thing: ski season is approaching! Although it has been a busy Summer for us, we have once again carefully curated a wide selection of backcountry skiing gear from our favourite brands. It’s one of those times where if the maximal amount of skis was really (n+2), we would have a really hard time not buying every single model for ourselves. This is the stuff that we believe in and the stuff that will us and you to incredible places this Winter. Here are, as a preview, some of our top gear picks for 2018-2019. 
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  • Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership
    November 13, 2017 Gavin Harmacy

    Skimo Co & SkiUphill Partnership

    Partnerships in business can be win-win if you’re willing to work with what you think is your competition. The end goal should be to increase the sport of ski touring and helping to ensure the customers win with strategic partnerships. We have been fortunate to partner with for knowledge and advice for boot fitting, mounting and equipment.
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  • The equipment I started backcountry skiing with...
    October 30, 2017 Joel Desgreniers

    The equipment I started backcountry skiing with...

    Last Saturday was my first day out of the season on the skintrack. It was awesome to glide on snow again, make a couple kickturns and enjoy some turns. As we were skinning up, I couldn't help but notice what other skiers were hauling uphill and it made me think of what equipment I started touring on before I got to that weight I consider being the "sweet spot" for me. Here it is.
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  • Weekend Warriors
    July 31, 2017 Gavin Harmacy

    Weekend Warriors

    By Kieran Crimeen

    A high pressure system poked its nose in on the tail end of some snow so the weekend looked like a great time to head up to the Columbia Icefields area and have another go at the Skyladder.

    After agreeing to leave Canmore at some stupid hour (1.45 for those interested) I went to sleep fidgeting nervously because a) it’s an intimidating route and b) the Backcountry Alpha aka Peter Knight would be in attendance. We howled up the Parkway, nearly losing a wheel that wasn’t bolted on properly and got underway at 4.30. I crushed the approach, dropping Joel and Peter for at least 20 seconds before they caught up and had me puffing to keep them in sight.

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  • Skin Waxing - Lessons from Skimo Racers
    May 1, 2017 Gavin Harmacy

    Skin Waxing - Lessons from Skimo Racers

    "My skins were glopping so bad, I was carrying the entire skintrack uphill."

    Spring. Powder in the morning, corn in the afternoon. Leaving before dawn for long epic missions for those lines we think of all winter. Skin failure problems and glopping, which varies greatly depending on brands.

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