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Born to Run Free: the rabbit Difference

Born to Run Free: the rabbit Difference

If you follow the American trail running and ultra-running scene, you might already be familiar with rabbit, the cool kid on the block. After launching in December 2015, rabbit quickly made a name for itself by creating some track and field-inspired apparel and funky patterns. 

“A few years back, we got tired. Tired of shirts that were so long we felt like we were running in a dress, shorts that were so complicated we needed an instruction manual to get them on, and gear that just wasn't made for running, like see-through yoga leggings. Why were we so willing to make concessions on our gear? We set out to change how we run by building the products we actually want to run IN. We believe there’s a way to make running apparel for everyone that’s light on hype, while still delivering serious function, style, and simplicity. So we created rabbit. A performance running apparel brand that was born to let you run free. 

Finally, a running apparel brand with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We’re taking a firm stance against hype and fuss. Ready?

Let’s run.”

- rabbit’s Kickstarter campaign

With a few years under their belt, the runners behind rabbit now offer a beautiful collection of running apparel (made in California) that we have a really hard time not running in every day. A few reasons why we like their clothes so much?

Comfort and fit

It’s amazing when you find that kit that feels so good that you reach for it every time you run. When you are on the trails or in a race, you just want to forget about what you are wearing, and this is the magic of rabbit. 


From crop tops and (very) short shorts to less scandalous inseam lengths and t-shirts, rabbit has the piece for you. Not into showing all that skin? Their new “Freedom” category  offers beautiful pieces and flattering cuts for all. 


With colour-schemes that match past, present and future collections, rabbit makes it easy to mix-and-match regardless of seasons. Are you the all-black, muted kit type of runner? Or do your favourite colours resemble a set of “Hi-Liter”? Rabbit has you covered with a fun mix of timeless pieces and bold seasonal pattern. 


Run in your own style, not everyone else’s!  

Some Staff Favourites

Men's Champ

Champ is exactly what you’ll feel like rocking this awesome, nearly weightless tank.

Women's Peak

Peak comfort and performance. A relaxed fit through the body with a higher neck and a strappy sassy back.

Men's and Women's EZ Tee

Sweat-wicking, fast-drying and never clingy, the EZ Tee makes picking out a shirt the easiest part of your run!

Men's FKT / Women's Dirt Pounders

Featuring a 5 inch inseam, two side pockets—which are perfect for stashing a quick snack and for packing out your trash—and a rear zip pocket that's large enough to hold most* phones, the FKTs are engineered to be just as tough as you. 

Men's Best in Show / Women's Hopper

Whether it’s the bunny trail or the track, these shorts are perfect for hopping along at any pace you like. With a 4 inch inseam and slim fit, this is a beautifully designed short for looks and speed.

Curious about rabbit? Check out our full selection here!

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