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Sigurd Peak

Description: Sigurd Peak is 2000 meter Triangular shaped summit at the Northern terminus of the Tantalus Range. Sigurd Peak offers spectacular views of Mt. Ossa, Mt. Pelion, The Clowholm Range and the Ashlu Elaho Divide. From the Sigurd Creek Trail Runners will branch off onto the Rose Trail. The Rose Trail ascends steep rugged terrain eventually emerging onto the undulating East ridge of Sigurd peak. Along the ridge the trail becomes vague. Take your time. Views from the summit are worth the grind and leg smashing descent. Sigurd peak is a solid effort. Start your day early.

  • Distance: 16 km
  • Difficulty: Very Difficult 
  • Elevation Gain: 2000 meters +-
  • Where to Park: Ashlu Road 2nd bridge
  • Surface: Roots, Rocks, Loose Dirt, Wood, Talus, Snow (Seasonal)
  • Vehicle Access: 2wd FSR

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