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Voile Telepack Shovel

Voile Telepack Shovel

Voile Telepack Shovel


For times when a snow professional is less concerned with moving snow for routine chores or not specifically recruited for a rescue operation, the Voilé Telepack Avalanche Shovel is an excellent choice.

Fitted with the same, bomber scoop as the Telepro, the Telepack features a slightly-shorter, T-handle (rather than a D-grip) for compact stowage inside a pack. Otherwise, the shovel performs equally well as the Telepro, and also features the same pair of deadman holes for rigging an emergency sled or snow fluke.

Once again, the 6061-T6 aluminum used in the Telepack scoop really shines in challenging snow and debris. T6 is the level of hardness reached in the aluminum heat-treating process, resulting in a metal that rivals steel for strength and rigidity, at a fraction of the weight.

The Voilé Telepack Avalanch Shovel: A great choice for pros on the move or any backcountry enthusiast who wants peace of mind.

Weight (g) 770 grams
Length 68cm
Extended 90cm
Handle only 38cm
Scoop only (LxW) 38x25cm
Scoop Material 6061-T6 Tempered